2019 Provincial Election Platform Policy

Leader Stephen Mandel promised that under an Alberta Party government, a public health emergency will be declared to address the opioid crisis.

“This is a public health emergency, plain and simple. Statistics say that two Albertans per day are dying preventable deaths from this crisis. This warrants a much greater response than we’ve seen under the NDP.” - Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel

“Behind the statistics is the human element, the people who were loved and lost to substance use, overdose, and suicide. We hold those people in our hearts as we work with our front line providers to tackle this situation head on. We need to increase awareness as well as offer actual supports, and the funding, necessary to deal with this crisis.” - Mo Elsalhy, Alberta Party candidate for Edmonton-South West

An Alberta Party government will declare a public health emergency in respect of the opioid crisis and will:

  • Upon declaring the emergency, increase funding for opioid response by 50%, from $45 million to $68 million.

  • Work with the Opioid Emergency Response Commission to implement its recommendations and commit to a take a public health approach rather than an enforcement approach.

  • Maintain and fund existing Supervised Consumption Sites. New sites will need to follow Health Canada’s guidelines on local consultation with the aim of achieving high levels of community buy-in. New sites will be established only in areas that have high levels of drug use in public spaces.

  • Provide community-based mental health supports to individuals and families addressing addiction.

  • Funding new, dedicated mental health treatment beds.

  • Enhance and fully fund the Take Home Naloxone Kits program, and expand availability of kits to employees of community organizations.

  • Endorse efforts from the Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General to develop evidence-based, standardized approaches for drug treatment court (DTC) programs in Alberta; and explore opportunities for pre-charge and post-charge diversion for individuals with substance use issues, including support for Indigenous-led initiatives such as traditional healing practices.

  • Expedite the development of legislation to strengthen the government’s capacity to ensure safe, quality care and consumer protection for Alberta’s addiction and mental health facilities, services and care providers.

  • Support Indigenous communities and organizations who serve Indigenous people for initiatives both on and off reserve.