Provincial Election Platform Policy

An Alberta Party government will declare a public health emergency in respect of the opioid crisis and will:

  • Upon declaring the emergency, increase funding for opioid response by 50%, from $45 million to $68 million.

  • Work with the Opioid Emergency Response Commission to implement its recommendations and commit to a take a public health approach rather than an enforcement approach.

  • Maintain and fund existing Supervised Consumption Sites. New sites will need to follow Health Canada’s guidelines on local consultation with the aim of achieving high levels of community buy-in. New sites will be established only in areas that have high levels of drug use in public spaces.

  • Provide community-based mental health supports to individuals and families addressing addiction.

  • Funding new, dedicated mental health treatment beds.

  • Enhance and fully fund the Take Home Naloxone Kits program, and expand availability of kits to employees of community organizations.

  • Endorse efforts from the Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General to develop evidence-based, standardized approaches for drug treatment court (DTC) programs in Alberta; and explore opportunities for pre-charge and post-charge diversion for individuals with substance use issues, including support for Indigenous-led initiatives such as traditional healing practices.

  • Expedite the development of legislation to strengthen the government’s capacity to ensure safe, quality care and consumer protection for Alberta’s addiction and mental health facilities, services and care providers.

  • Support Indigenous communities and organizations who serve Indigenous people for initiatives both on and off reserve.