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Omar Masood

At the beginning of 2016, I began to reflect on Calgary and just how much this province has provided me. I’m married to the love of my life, have made a life and career in the best city in the world, and found a deep community of friends and family.

Where I am today is in large part thanks to the sacrifices and investment others have made for and in me. From my mom, who strived for a better future for her kids, to a province that welcomes anyone willing to roll up their sleeves, to a city that is both driven and generous.

It’s my honour - and my duty - to give back to this community. I am committed to, and believe in, a prosperous future for our province and want to serve the diverse and engaged residents of Calgary-Buffalo.

I am well prepared to represent this riding, this city, and this province. I am ready to help make it even better, and lead the world as the innovators, trailblazers, and builders that we are.

You’ve believed in me, Calgary. It’s now time for me to give back to this city that has given me so much.

Let’s build Alberta’s success together!


Engineer - Young Energy Professional - Calgary Folk Fest Volunteer
The Alberta Party