Special Education Funding Worrisome

Alberta Party

June 22, 2021


Any changes to special education funding must be done with the input of parents and students most affected. Further, whatever the changes, they must include an increase in special education funding. No student should suffer due to government budget constraints.

Once again, Premier Kenney and Minister LaGrange appear ready to ram through an ideological agenda at the expense of children who need special educational supports.

Media reports and leaked letters from June 18th are disturbing. Changes to special education are allegedly coming. Once again, they will be implemented with no input from parents.

Changes to special education funding programs like Program Unit Funding (PUF) should only be made after good faith consultations have been undertaken. Special education has been underfunded for years, and any changes – only implemented after meaningful consultation – must include an increase in funding.

Acting Leader Jacquie Fenske,

“I can’t believe that once again this government is going ahead with major changes to education without consulting those who will be most affected.

“Time and time again, parents and children who require special education funding like PUF are either ignored like the current government is doing, or discarded after the photo op, like the previous one did.

“Albertans deserve a government that actually undertakes good faith consultation and cares for our most vulnerable children. Transparency and meaningful consultation are core Alberta Party values.”

Children who require special education funding cannot be left behind. Without consultations with parents and children, and without adequate funding increases, children will be left behind. All Albertans deserve an equal chance to succeed, and that starts with education.