Newsletter #8

Judy Mehr

April 11, 2019


The Alberta Party:

This week, the Alberta Party has made commitments that will have great impact on Alberta and are close to the heart for me.  Specifically, commitments on how we will approach the Opioid Crisis and commitments on how we move towards reconciliation with our Indigenous sovereign nations and with our Alberta Crime Plan.  

Opioid Crisis:

As a 'pre-writ' member of the Bow Valley Opioid Taskforce, we recognized that an 'enforcement' approach would be ineffective.  The Alberta Party also understands and is taking a public health approach, including more local mental health supports and more accessibility to nalaxone kits.

Reconciliation Plan:

Having worked with various nations over the past three years on training and workforce development programs, the biggest hurdle was building self-confidence as the majority of folks did not feel that they had the same base education on reserve.  I also have friends that have chosen to school their children off-reserve and I have asked them why -- the answer was always the same -- they don't get the same level of education on reserve schools.  Why?  Federal funding for on-reserve schools simply does not compare to funding for other Alberta students.  With minimal funding, on-reserve schools could not compete for the same level of educators for the children.  Programs for children with additional needs were cut.  I spoke with a friend from the Stoney Nakoda nation yesterday. He has two children that are on the autism spectrum.  They used to have programs available on reserve but the programs were cut and the children now have to leave their community to attend classes in Cochrane.  There is always much conversation around how important it is for children to be able to attend schools in their own communities but somehow that conversation often gets lost when we start to discuss on-reserve schools.  We know that education is key to poverty prevention.  I am so proud that the Alberta Party is committed to ensuring the gap between federal funding on reserve and funding received off-reserve is equalized.  

Alberta Crime Plan:

Rural crime is a big issue in our constituency, especially in the farming and ranching areas.  Times have definitely changed from 30+ years ago when I would hang out with my dad when it was his turn to 'patrol' as a member of the Rural Crime Watch.  The Alberta Party is committed to increasing support to both municipalities and First Nations to expand and address policing issues.  

Brenda Stanton
Alberta Party Candidate
Campaign Office: 403-688-1657

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