Newsletter #7

Judy Mehr

April 11, 2019



One public all-candidates forum left to attend:

CANMORE, Thursday, April 11th, 5:30-7:30 – Malcolm Hotel, 321 Spring Creek Dr.  One last chance to meet your candidate in action!

Banff's all-candidates forum was held Monday, April 8th with a good crowd in attendance.  There were lots of questions related to tourism but also a wide selection of topics from palliative care to affordable housing.  This week has also been spent meeting our  Lake Louise and Banff constituents. 

Vote Splitting:

We see and hear messages about vote splitting across social media.  This is our response:

The Alberta Party’s membership is increasing and our new supporters are coming from the NDPs, from the UCPs, from the Liberals and the Independence Parties; they are coming from the constituents who didn’t have a home for their vote, from the young and the old and they are coming from the people who want a voice that is not represented by Big Business nor by Big Government.  Yes, there is a redistribution of votes occurring but it is occurring across Party lines and across the Province.

We are a democratic Country and Province.  BUT we are not a two-party system.  A two-party system leads to extreme viewpoints which, in turn, leads to constant chaos, polarization, negativity and little productive work.  A two-party system is limited to the options chosen by the two parties. 

This Province needs good governance not a good political machine.  Let’s vote for something not against something. 

The Alberta Party has problem-solvers and innovators who will tackle our challenges using real-world experience and practical solutions – not ideology or dogma.   We have candidates in all 87 constituencies.  Visit and review the material on your Candidate and learn about the Alberta Party's position statements.   



The Advance Polls are being held this week including Saturday.  Elections Alberta has all the information you need -  Save yourself some trouble and arrive at the polling station prepared with your election card (if you received one), personal ID and other documentation to prove your residency if you did not receive an election card in the mail. For the Advance Polls, you can vote at any Advance Poll in Alberta.  After the Advance Polls close Saturday, your last chance to vote is April 16th (9:00am to 8:00pm) in your assigned location.  

If you are not sure where to vote, Elections Alberta has provided this toll-free phone number:  1.877.422.8683