We Already Have a Made in Alberta Plan Ready to Deploy

December 11, 2018 (Edmonton) – “Today’s announcement by Rachel Notley’s NDP about pursuing an expression of interest in the development of a new Alberta refinery is yet another example of this government’s indecision and reactivity,” said Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel.

“We already have a made in Alberta plan ready to deploy. Phase 2 and 3 expansions of the North West Refinery have the necessary regulatory approvals, are construction ready, and incorporate carbon capture – helping to reduce the environmental impact of upgrading our resources.

“It’s naïve to believe that with the increasingly restrictive regulatory burden the Province and Federal Government have created that this can be done quickly. Expansion of North West Refinery could be online within five years, where the Notley NDP plan announced today would take at least a decade to see a refinery come online.

Supports for survivors - Question Period

MLA Karen McPherson speaks to the supports needed by the government and the work that needs to be done for sexual assault survivors.

Lab Services and increasing costs in AHS - MLA Greg Clark

In question period MLA Greg Clark asks the Health Minister about the ballooning costs of bringing Lab Services in house. 

"The NDP have failed to focus the healthcare system on its core Business. That is delivering patient care. First it was bringing laundry services in house. at great expense then they decided to take over the proficient and professional outsourced Lab services."

"Management positions within AHS will expand significantly. Labs are brought back in house. Why are we increasing administration at a time when Albertans are demanding that we save."

Of the 6,218 positions listed the Minister was unable to report how many were new or existing position."

"The NDP continue to solve a problem we don't have. Adding thousands of management in an already top heavy system."



Imitation the Sincerest From of Flattery?

MLA Karen McPherson commenting during question period on the increasing number of times the opposition party has claimed Alberta Party ideas as their own.

Alberta Party calls for surtax on foreign oil imported into Canada

December 7, 2018 (Edmonton) – The Alberta Party is asking Alberta Premier Rachel Notley to deliver a message to Eastern Canada at the start of tomorrow’s First Ministers Conference in Montreal: “Stop Eastern Canada from giving preferential treatment to foreign oil from ethically-questionable foreign regimes with dubious human rights records – or pay the price.” 

The Alberta Party