Alberta Party leader Stephen Mandel steps down to pursue his role as Chancellor at Concordia University.

Press Release 

For Immediate Release

Alberta Party leader Stephen Mandel steps down to pursue his role as Chancellor at Concordia University.

June 28, 2019 -Edmonton, AB- After serving as Alberta Party leader for 15 months, Stephen Mandel will resign as of June 30. Mandel plans to continue to assist the party as it builds towards the next election.

TMX Pipeline Approval First Step Forward

The Alberta Party is encouraged to see the approval of the TMX Pipeline Expansion today by the Federal cabinet. This is the first of many steps that are needed to bring our petroleum products to the global market. The Alberta Party, along with the majority Albertans, have been in strong support of the responsible development of more pipelines, as well as exploring other routes and methods to get global access for our products.

Albertans, and Canadians, in general, can celebrate today but also need to keep the pressure on all levels of government to continue moving this project forward as quickly and safely as possible to get our oil and gas industry back to work.

The commitment towards green energy shows the support of the future of renewable energy.

For more information about the Alberta Party proposals for exploring other methods of getting our energy to market links are below

Refining and Petrochemical Development

Alberta Alaska Railway Corridor


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Indigenous Land Acknowlegements Important in Alberta

The Alberta Party recognizes the significance of Indigenous land acknowledgements as a sign of respect and basic tenant of our relationship with First Nations People. The Alberta Party remains committed to acknowledging the appropriate treaty lands at all events or announcements so that our working relationship is informed by a shared understanding of the connection of First Nations and Métis to the land.

Land acknowledgements are a recognition of recommendations by the Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada, and they acknowledge the treaties all Albertans live under every day. "Land acknowledgements recognize the historic and ongoing presence and connection of different First Nations and Métis to the land.” The Alberta Party believes that discontinuing them is unacceptable.

The failure to acknowledge Indigenous lands undermines the relationship between the Crown and First Nations People in Alberta. The Alberta Party is committed to forming partnerships with First Nations People built on collaboration and mutually agreed upon processes to develop policy.

Congratulations to next Cabinet

The Alberta Party congratulates Jason Kenney on being sworn in as the 18th Premier of Alberta and wishes he and his new Cabinet success over the next four years.

“The role of the Opposition is to bring a different perspective and hold Government accountable. We are not opposing individual people but rather possible unhelpful ideas and actions. If and when this government does something we disagree with, we will share our thoughts,” said Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel.

“As they start their work, we encourage them to keep the best interest of ALL Albertans top of mind.”

What we accomplished

On behalf of the Alberta Party Board of Directors I want to thank you all.

The Alberta Party has seen the largest growth in vote share of any party. Compared to 2015, our share of the vote has increased by over 300%! We should all be extremely proud of the effort we put into this election.

The Alberta Party