Empowering Alberta Farmers

The Alberta Party calls for the carbon credit program for Alberta’s agricultural producers to be continued. This will further empower Alberta producers to tell consumers worldwide the story of Alberta’s environmentally friendly agricultural industry, dedicated to animal welfare and providing produce of the highest quality.

Transparency and Supports Needed

The Alberta Party calls for sensible public health measures based on publicly available data and best practices of other comparable jurisdictions and more supports for small business should be developed.

Keystone XL Cancellation

The Alberta Party echos province-wide frustration with the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline. While Premier Kenney and Prime Minister Trudeau should continue to advocate for the re-issue of permits for Keystone XL, focus on constructing the Trans Mountain pipeline and getting Canadian products to market must not be lost.

Stewardship of Eastern Slopes Needed

The Alberta Party calls for a delay in the process of approval for new open pit coal mines on the Eastern Slopes. 

Alberta Party Calls for Motion of Return on MLA Travel

The Alberta Party requests that the NDP Opposition file a Motion of Return for the schedules of all MLAs from December 15th to January 1st. 

The Alberta Party