People, Economy, Jobs

The Alberta Party is proud to release its annual Shadow Budget, People, Economy, Jobs, a vision for the province to move past the economic shocks caused by the pandemic and the drop in oil prices.

Far From the Truth

UCP Energy Minister Sonya Savage continues to deceive Albertans. Meanwhile, the UCP caucus is working to keep government actions secretive and shielded from public scrutiny. Alberta’s mountains are for sale and its water is at risk from a government that refuses to be accountable to its people. Last week, Minister Savage said the UCP government would reinstate the Lougheed era 1976 coal policy. She would have Albertans believe their mountains are safe. But this is far from the truth. 

New Supports for Small Businesses

Alberta Party calls for business supports that enable growth and empower business owners.

Alberta Party Calls for an End to EMS Centralization

The Alberta Party calls for the immediate reversal of the failed policy to centralized EMS dispatch services. The tragic impacts highlighted by local officials cannot be ignored.

Alberta Party Announces Leadership Race Dates

Today the Alberta Party announces the timeline for electing a new leader of the party. Nominations will open May 25th, close August 31st, and the vote will be held October 23rd.

The Alberta Party