Alberta Alaska Rail corridor

An Alberta Party government would take bold steps to secure long-term coastal access for Alberta products, by bypassing BC coastlines, and securing the right-of-way and approvals for an Alberta-to-Alaska railway and pipeline corridor.

Forestry Industry Initiative

An Alberta Party government will establish a technology development fund focused on forestry resources, make changes to the building code, and enhance exports. This will significantly boost Alberta's forestry industry by enabling a substantial increase in demand for forestry products.

“Our forestry industry has huge growth potential for our province and we can take advantage of it with smart government support and rule changes. We should be building more of our great towns and cities with sustainably grown and harvested Alberta lumber. And we should be using cutting-edge research to find new and creative uses for our resources.” - Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel

Roads and Autonomous Vehicles Plan

An Alberta Party government will build new lanes on the QE2 highway, upgrade our existing highway network, create Canada’s first corridor for self-driving vehicles, and position Alberta as a world leader in self-driving vehicles for cold-weather climates.

“Self-driving vehicles are already in use and more are on the way. We can either get ready for this or get left behind. An Alberta Party government will get us ready by building new lanes on the QE2, and positioning Alberta as a world leader in self-driving vehicles for colder climates -- cars, trucks, and even farm equipment. This will make us more competitive, and be an entirely new source of jobs and growth -- fueled by the incredible minds and assets we have in artificial intelligence” - Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel

Alberta Party to energize the development of refining and petrochemical processing

Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel announced this morning how an Alberta Party government will take bold actions to energize the development of more refining and petrochemical processing in Alberta and generate greater value from Alberta’s oil and gas resources. This includes an investment in CanaPux, which could revolutionize the oil sands and help Albertans achieve better prices for those resources.

Alberta Party makes life easier for Albertans with digital identification

March 24, 2019 - Edmonton, AB - No more fumbling in your wallet to find your ID. An Alberta Party-led government will move to the 21st Century by introducing one provincial picture Identification Card for government services. This would replace the current jumble of plastic and paper identification for health care, drivers’ licenses, provincial ID and the Alberta WIN Card. The plan is to also launch a digital government identification app with a portal to allow Albertans more flexibility when presenting ID.

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