Natural Gas Curtailment Needed

The Alberta Party calls on the Alberta government to respond to industry requests and curtail natural gas production. The Alberta government should produce a long-term natural gas strategy that recognizes the low-price environment and the recent Supreme Court Redwater decision. Any government action to help producers with low and volatile prices must produce a transparent assessment of the impact to consumers and producers.


July 22, 2019 – Edmonton, AB – The Alberta Party announces a policy to curtail natural gas production to deal with low prices.  Communications Chair Jennifer Metituk:


“Alberta’s continued inability to get our products to market is hurting our economy. Our  natural gas producers are being hurt by limited transport opportunities. The Alberta Party calls on the UCP to institute a short-term, transparent curtailment program to protect our producers and consumers. Without a long-term natural gas strategy, Albertans will continue to be subject to economic uncertainty, hurting our economy and our families.”


“The Alberta Party was the first party to call for oil curtailment to reduce the price differential faced by our oil and gas producers. It worked. The Alberta Party continues to call for pragmatic policies that will help Alberta’s producers and families.”


The Alberta Party supports the natural gas industry, but not at the expense of consumers. The Alberta government should institute a short-term curtailment program, but must be transparent about the costs to consumers and producers. The program should be for the good of all Albertans, not just industry.


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