Judy Kim-Meneen's Profile

Judy Kim-Meneen
Edmonton-North West

Judy Kim-Meneen grew up in Treaty 6 territory and went to University of Alberta for her Bachelor of Education with a major in Chemistry and a minor in Biology. She moved into Treaty 8 territory to teach a month early, as she believed that building relationships with youth before one tries to teach them is very important to success of students. She has a systemic mind where she likes to explore different systems. Thus, she has taught on reserve, provincial school on reserve, as well as in a provincial school to see the similarities and differences between systems.

Ms. Kim-Meneen left her teaching career to go into public health and managed Maternal Child Health program out of North Peace Tribal Council. Where she successfully co- developed Teddy Bear Fairs in reserves where there was “no pokes and no tears”. She also adapted Maternal Child Health program from Health Canada to “fit” First Nation communities better and serve and support First Nation families. She finished her Masters in Education Administration and evaluated the overall Maternal Child Health program for her capstone. She recently finished her PhD in Community Public Health where her thesis focused on impact of residential school on second-generation parenting styles

She strongly believes that learning; growth, development and fun are all in one category. She also believes that holistic and wrap around services are crucial to break intergenerational trauma. She is honored to work in a field where she has the opportunity to support children and their families to realize their potential and go after their dreams. She continuously works to develop and foster a learning environment where children and their families will be given every opportunity to express their individuality.

Ms. Kim-Meneen challenges herself to develop educational programs that allow personal growth and opportunities to go forward in life. Additionally, she enjoys bringing people together to make connections and collaborate and bring forth an environment that promotes acceptance and support people to reach their potential. Thus, she co-led the organization of the historic National Gathering of Elders calling all Indigenous elders of Canada to celebrate culture, language and have a dialogue on key topics that affect Indigenous people today. She understands that no single approach is the right one for every individual, so she is a committed individual who does what it takes to fulfill what is needed. Currently, she is a wife, a mother to two beautiful girls, and a consultant on policies, program development/evaluation, staff training, team building, and proposal writer. Ms. Kim-Meneen advocates for those who needs to be heard especially the youth, elders, and women.


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