Alberta Party Calls for Motion of Return on MLA Travel

The Alberta Party requests that the NDP Opposition file a Motion of Return for the schedules of all MLAs from December 15th to January 1st. 
Ministers have resigned and MLAs have been demoted, but not until after it was clear the premier failed to take responsibility for the actions of his ministers, MLAs, and staff.
To restore trust, Albertans must know the full story. By filing a Motion of Return, the schedules will be made public, and Albertans will know for sure who went where, when, and who knew about it.
Jacquie Fenske, Acting Leader of the Alberta Party:
“This government told Albertans that the rules that applied to them do not apply to their government. While traditions were abandoned and families were kept apart, MLAs and Ministers were travelling the world. Albertans feel betrayed and the only way Albertans will be able to have trust in government again is with radical and full transparency. The current level of trust means that nothing voluntarily released can currently be believed.”
The Alberta Party will work with any party that wants to support trust, democracy, and decency in Alberta. We hope the New Democrat Opposition will file this motion for all Albertans.
The Alberta Party