Albertans Need More Transparency

Alberta is suffering from a lack of leadership it can trust. Transparency is key to building trust. The Alberta Party supports calls for Dr. Hinshaw’s recommendations to Tyler Shandro and Cabinet to be released. Albertans deserve to know the views of our health experts, and how they are being balanced against the needs of our economy. However, Cabinet discussions should be kept confidential. As should the conversations our civil cervants have as recommendations are formed. Confidentiality is crucial to allowing all options and perspectives to be considered.

Acting Alberta Party Leader, Jacquie Fenske:
“Leaked recordings from the Emergency Operations Centre are profoundly concerning. They will undermine our civil service’s ability to have honest discussion in the future. And this has happened because Tyler Shandro has lost control and trust of his Ministry. This Minister’s failures are having profound impacts across government.”

Now more than ever, Alberta needs effective government. And the UCP is failing to deliver. No Minister exhibits failure more than Tyler Shandro. He’s made questionable decisions throughout this pandemic. And today’s leaks reveal that his relationships with non-partisan staff are unable to support good decision making going forward. The Ministry of Health is Alberta’s most important and most expensive service area. It always requires competent leadership. But COVID-19 and struggling energy prices make having a strong Minister of Health more important than ever. The Alberta Party continues to call for Tyler Shandro to be fired. Albertans require a capable Minister of Health to guide them through this pandemic and economic storm.

The Alberta Party