Mo Elsalhy has once again been called to public service. 
The former MLA, Edmonton entrepreneur and pharmacist is excited to join #TeamAlbertaParty in this once-in-a-decade opportunity to help offer all Albertans a positive, balanced, and solutions-based vision for today and future generations. 
With the polarization and hostility in the political landscape in Alberta today, Mo believes the Alberta Party is best equipped to offer the most honest, innovative and inclusive model that can reconcile Albertans’ differences, address the challenges we’re facing, and bring people together to get big things done. It doesn’t have to be a choice between economic growth and social and environmental responsibility -- the Alberta Party has a plan to move Alberta forward on all fronts and that’s the call to action Mo has heard.
Ever since his debut onto the political scene in Alberta in 2004, Mo has adopted a centrist vision that is neither left nor right but rather forward-focused. Married with three children, his policies and positions were, and remain, firmly and unapologetically focused on making life better for all Albertans, no matter your age, background, gender or economic status.
Mo is not hampered by ideology or shackled by dogma. Instead, he is willing to embrace good, practical ideas regardless of where they might have originated. Mo is also respectful and accommodating of all people, points of view, and platforms as long as the foundations upon which our democracy and values system are built are not threatened by extreme views or special interests. Mo firmly believes in meaningful dialogue and debate and is widely known for his open door, open mind approach to politics.
A trusted healthcare professional, Mo believes a good representative should listen more than they talk and should act with empathy and compassion while at the same time being ready and able to make the tough calls necessary to achieve best possible outcomes. 
Mo is willing to consider new ideas and approaches and strongly values the opinions of experts and specialists, each in their respective field. His many years as a pharmacist had also taught him that collaboration and idea and resource-sharing are much better approaches than confrontation and being territorial or confining oneself in a silo. Working with others and picking up where others have left off is a demonstrably more efficient way to do things and should be a pillar of good governance in this province.
And as a successful businessman and employer, Mo truly understands the value of team work and empowering people to learn and grow in their roles. Mo puts huge emphasis on delegation and highlights best practice as the plan to follow in conducting his business. To Mo, competition in the marketplace is a healthy and welcome thing as it forces businesses to become creative and think outside the box. Mo believes small and medium-sized businesses are the future of this province, and if elected, one of the areas he would focus on would be to look at ways to reduce government red tape and small business taxes.
Lastly, as a former MLA (2004-08), having represented Edmonton-McClung (which encompassed large areas of what is now known as Edmonton-South West where Mo is currently running), Mo brings a tradition of hard work and commitment. He is running on his record as a community-minded candidate and MLA and his experience and strength in the Legislative Assembly having served in leadership roles as Official Opposition Critic for Service Alberta, Innovation and Science, Justice and Public Safety as well as serving as Official Opposition Deputy House Leader and Co-Chair of all-party legislative committees.
“The way I define myself is as a father, husband, pharmacist, business owner, and hopefully once again, an ambassador, champion or conveyor of people’s hopes and aspirations. An MLA’s primary duty is to the people he/she represents first and foremost before any partisan, professional or other affiliations.”
-Mo Elsalhy, Alberta Party candidate for Edmonton-South West
Father, Husband, Pharmacist, Business Owner, Health & Wellness Coach, Soccer Coach, Community Volunteer, Former MLA, and now, Alberta Party Candidate in YEG SW