MLA Karen McPherson on Alberta Primetime November 2018

Jennifer Metituk

November 09, 2018


MLA Karen McPherson, who will be representing Calgary-Beddington in the upcoming election, speaks to Alberta Primetime on November 7th, 2018 about the recent developments in the Legislature.

"My biggest concern was about my constituents, and how able I was to be able to represent them. I fond now its much easier to articulate what their concerns are and to get answers and information about what they need."

"We all understand the need for party discipline but that needs to be balanced with giving MLAs the opportunity to express their concerns."

When asked about her move to join the Alberta Party Caucus, "It's been a very good move. I've been able to be a lot more outspoken about what is important to constituents and people in general. And ask important questions."