Minister Shandro Must Resign

Calling for the resignation of a Minister is not something that should be done lightly.

But this week, Minister Shandro’s wildly inappropriate actions demand an appropriate response. He should resign or be removed from Cabinet. 

Nobody deserves to be bullied or harassed. Some may have made inappropriate personal attacks against Minister Shandro and his wife. However, there are processes in place for the Minister to have dealt with harassing or threatening communications. The Minister chose to ignore them.

Acting Leader Jacquie Fenske: "Going to the private residence of a constituent is not the job of the Minister. That is called intimidation. And it is doubly intimidating when the resident is a doctor, under the purview of the Minister of Health."

Not only did Tyler Shandro intrude into the family space of a private citizen to yell. He threatened other citizens. And he responded to emails sent to a company that he claims to hold in blind trust. And while he apologized that some found all of this “distracting,” he did not apologize for the actions themselves.

This is not leadership.

And now, more than ever, Albertans need a Health Minister who can lead. We are in the middle of a Public Health Emergency.

Front line medical workers are fighting a global pandemic. They need support from their leaders. Instead, they feel under attack by their own government. 

Citizens are justifiably concerned about COVID-19. They need calm, professional leadership. Instead, they have a Health Minister who has become unhinged by personal matters. The Alberta Party is dedicated to democracy and the ideals this entails. A Minister intimidating private citizens is not what Albertans deserve from their government.

The Alberta Party