Membership Drive

Ian Anderson

July 01, 2018


On behalf of the Membership and Communications committees of the Alberta Party, we are pleased to announce the Summer 2018 Membership drive!  

With the 2019 General Election rapidly approaching, we as a Party need to not only ramp up the fundraising and membership sales, but also get out into our communities and get the word out about what the Alberta Party is all about.  And what better way than to have a membership sales contest!

So here is the deal.  There are three categories and prizes to be awarded at the end of the competition.  Winners in each category will receive $750.00 to go towards marketing items and promotional gear.  Things such as banners, t-shirts, postcards, door knockers, posters, etc. to help with your CA events in the future.  

The three different prize categories are:


  • Most memberships sold in a CA with less than 150 current members.
  • Most memberships sold in a CA with more than 150 current members.
  • Most % of growth in a Constituency Association.


The contest will open June 1st and will run until July 15th.  I will pull membership numbers the morning of June 1st for all CAs, and that will determine which prize category your CA will be eligible to compete in.  During the contest, there will be updates on how everyone is doing.

With the recent changes to membership sales rules, not only are memberships only $1 for 1 year, but all revenue collected through paper membership sales gets to stay in the Constituency Association that sells the membership!  That mean not only do you get to grow your ranks, but you get to keep the sales money, on top of any fundraising you may be able to collect at the same time!

Membership books will be available for purchase by the CA’s in the coming days.  Any memberships sold by potential candidate nominees will go towards the CA they are running for.  All membership tickets/sign-up sheets must be scanned and emailed to [email protected] along with the corresponding bank deposits slip showing that the funds have been deposited in the proper CA bank account.

Good luck to all of you!


Conrad Guay & Jackie Clayton

Alberta Party VP Membership

Alberta Party VP Communications