Regulate Massage Therapy

2019 Provincial Election Platform Policy

An Alberta Party-led government will regulate the profession of massage therapy to ensure the protection of Albertans by regulating it under the Health professions Act.

“For nearly 10 years now, both the former PC government and the current NDP government have failed to act, despite an ongoing stream of sexual assault charges against predatory massage therapists.” - Beth Barberree Alberta Party candidate for Calgary-Varsity

An Alberta Party government would implement the establishment of a regulatory college of massage therapy in Alberta consistent with that of the other health professions covered under the Health Professions Act. This would make Alberta the sixth provincial health agency in Canada to regulate massage therapy.

“This is about protecting Albertans and ensuring they receive top-in-class health care. Unregulated massage therapy exposes some of the weakest people of our province, to sexual predators, while in they are in their most vulnerable states.” - Stephen Mandel, Leader of the Alberta Party

This will finally implement the recommendations put forth by then Health Minister Ron Liepert in 2009.

The Alberta Party is committed to ensuring all Albertans have access to appropriate care in a safe environment.