Lynn Lekisch

For Central Peace-Notley

Meet Lynn:

Lynn Lekisch resides on the farm that she grew up on in Central Peace-Notley, and is running because our constituents need encouragement that their Alberta Party MLA will be an accountable voice in Legislature.

Lynn’s grandfather and his family immigrated from Austria following WW2 in order to escape cultural persecution and was one of the first community doctors in Valleyview and in Clear Hills County. Lynn’s mother was born and raised in the area, as were her Cree and Beaver ancestors.

Central Peace-Notley needs a candidate for MLA who knows the communities and roads (and even the places where there are no roads) extending from Bear Canyon to Fox Creek and Jean Cote to Bay Tree.

Lynn Lekisch is an Environmental Scientist, a Registered Agrologist, and a Certified Engineering Technologist with a specialty in soil and water.

As a First Nations woman with experience in health care, post-secondary education, agriculture, forestry, and oil & gas, Lynn Lekisch has developed a broad perspective of the issues facing our Province from hands-on engagement.

Lynn Lekisch is the only prospective candidate who lives in Central Peace-Notley, that can best represent the urban, rural, First Nations and Métis constituents of Central Peace-Notley and will be the advocate for better health care, education, public services, and government accountability while tackling the short-term and long-term cost of living increases.

We need to work together to ensure the candidate for MLA will work to address what matters most to you.


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If you'd like to help us get Lynn elected MLA for the Central Peace-Notley constituency, please contact us: 
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