Leadership Race 2021

The Alberta Party Leadership Election is now open for Nominations

Alberta Party President Conrad Guay is proud to announce the start of the 2021 Leadership Election.

“Our team has been preparing for the election of our new leader. We are excited to meet the candidates over the coming months and the members will decide who will take us into the next election. We would also like to thank Jacquie Fenske for her time and dedication to the acting leader role over the last 18 months. She has done a fantastic job.”


Important Dates

  • Leadership Race Details To Be Announced

  • Nominations Open May 25, 2021

  • Nominations Close August 31, 2021

  • Election November 6, 2021

Member FAQ

Who was the leader of the Alberta Party?

Stephen Mandel was the last elected leader of the Alberta Party in 2018, taking over from former MLA and Leader Greg Clark. In 2020 former MLA Jacquie Fenske was appointed the acting leader and has held the position since.

Can the acting leader run in this race?

No. According to the bylaws, the acting leader is not allowed to run for the position of party leader.

Who chooses the new leader?

Details of the voting procedure will be communicated by the Leadership Election Committee to the members when the rules around gatherings and meetings are more clear for the fall of 2021. To ensure you can participate in upcoming Alberta Party initiatives such as the Leadership Race, the AGM, and Policy events, we encourage you to ensure the contact information you provided to the Party, such as a valid email address, is accurate. Voting credentials for the Leadership will need to be sent to a valid email address.

Do you have to be a member of the party to run for leadership?

According to the bylaws, a candidate must be a current member of the party. Please refer to Article 9, Section H, in the Constitution for clarification on candidate eligibility.

To purchase your membership, visit the membership page.

When will the results be made public?

The final day of the vote is November 6 and the results from the leadership election will be made public on this day, once the returning officer has verified the vote count.

How can I meet or learn more about the candidates?

All candidates will likely be reaching out to the membership, but there will be at least two official party-sanctioned debates, as well as other informal gatherings, many hosted by constituency associations. Keep an eye on the Alberta Party Events page once nominations have closed, for more information. The Alberta Party Official Facebook Group is also going to be a platform for candidate communication.

For media enquiries or for more information please contact our Communications Chair.

Candidate Next Steps

Step 1.

Candidate must register with Elections Alberta https://www.elections.ab.ca/wp-content/uploads/Registration-of-a-Leadership-Contestant.pdf

Step 2.

Request the Candidate Package from the Leadership Election Committee.

Pursuant to the Party Constitution, in order for a person to be considered as a candidate for the Leader of the Party, the prospective candidate must:

Request the Nomination Package and pay the first installment of the $15,000 Entrance Fee and $5,000 Performance Bond ($5,000 from the entry fee and $2,500 of the performance bond for a total of $7,500.)


For all media requests please email [email protected]

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