Leader's message

Richard Su


Albertans are tired of the divisive partisanship that has enveloped our province from the left and the right.
While the other parties have spent this election yelling about which one of them is worse, the Alberta Party has
talked about how we’ll build a better Alberta.
We can build a great economy and have a kind society. We don’t have to choose between one and the other.
Our platform demonstrates that truth. It outlines how an Alberta Party government would bring Alberta’s economy back to life, while investing in health, education and other key services that are vital for ensuring a high quality of life for Alberta families.
And it illustrates our commitment to vigorously advance our province’s interests. Now more than ever, Albertans
need someone in their corner who can cut through partisanship, solve problems, and deliver government with fiscal sense and common sense.
With no federal masters, the Alberta Party is only loyal to Albertans. We’re the only party that can say that.
Like most Albertans, when I think about our province’s future, I think about our children. We want them to grow up in an Alberta with plenty of opportunity, and one that’s kind and inclusive, where they can chase their dreams. 
With your support, we can provide a government that offers them, and all Albertans, a brighter future.
Let’s build the next Alberta. Together.