Keystone XL Cancellation

The Alberta Party echos province-wide frustration with the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline. While Premier Kenney and Prime Minister Trudeau should continue to advocate for the re-issue of permits for Keystone XL, focus on constructing the Trans Mountain pipeline and getting Canadian products to market must not be lost.

The United States is Canada's closest ally and trading partner, sharing the world's longest undefended border and the largest trading relationship in the world. It is because of this important relationship that the decision by President Biden to cancel permits allowing the construction of Keystone XL is so frustrating.

The President's Executive Order is not surprising, but it is disappointing. Well paying jobs on both sides of the border have disappeared. Alberta tax payers are set to lose a huge investment. And this is one less opportunity to get Alberta product to market so that we can build a resilient, future-focused economy.

Alberta is a world-leader in the safe and environmentally responsible extraction of crude oil and Albertans have worked hard to improve environmental protections across many industries. The Alberta energy industry has successfully lowered its greenhouse gas emissions per barrel to be comparable to most other large scale exporters. By limiting Canadian supply, the United States places itself in a troubling geopolitical situation and its energy supplies will be less secure, safe, and environmentally sound.

Acting Leader Jacquie Fenske:

"Keystone XL was a safe and detailed project that was already providing jobs to both Canadian and American workers. There is no logical reason for its cancellation. While I recognize the need to grow the Alberta economy and transition away from fossil fuel reliance, this politically-motivated decision does not limit the demand for oil now and in the future.

This is disappointing news that highlights the need to find other routes to market for Alberta energy. But most of us have seen President Biden's actions today coming for months. That's one reason why many conversations are happening across the province about how we can take serious steps towards expanding our economy.”

The Alberta Party is the party of the innovators, the entrepreneurs, and those who have worked so hard to create an environmentally responsible industry. Their success deserves to be rewarded, not punished.

Premier Kenney talked about the need to urge President Biden to re-issue a permit for Keystone XL. Talking to our neighbours about the need for this pipeline is worthwhile, and we are hopeful Canada and Alberta will build strong relationship with the Biden administration.

A single pipeline cannot be Alberta's main focus. Premier Kenney and Prime Minister Trudeau must be focused on getting Trans Mountain complete and on finding other Canadian routes to tidewater. The Alberta Party proposed an Alberta to Alaska railway in 2019 for this exact reason.

Albertans are innovative, hard working, and don't give up.


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