Join Us! Alberta Party More Accessible Than Ever

Ian Anderson

May 01, 2018


There are many reasons Albertans don’t join a political party in our province, but money should never be one of them.

Effective May 1, the Alberta Party dropped its membership fee to $1.

We want to work with everyone, no matter your age, gender, sexual orientation or background, and money should never be a barrier to entry. Please join us and help build a stronger, more prosperous and compassionate Alberta for all. The decision to reduce the Alberta Party’s minimum membership fee from $10 to $1 was passed by our provincial board after talking to current members and Albertans.

The facts are clear: less than 5 per cent of Albertans ever join any provincial political party. There are many reasons for the lack of participation, so we’re proud the Alberta Party is ensuring money isn’t one of them.

By joining the Alberta Party, members are eligible to:

  • Participate in Provincial and Constituency Association events, including Annual General Meetings and policy conventions
  • Help shape Alberta Party policies
  • Vote for local Constituency Association Executive positions, MLA Candidates and party Leadership.
  • Receive party updates and information.

Please share this exciting news with your friends and family and sign them up today!  Join Us

Our party has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent months, so let’s keep up the momentum.  

Rhiannon Hoyle
Alberta Party - President