Jenny Yeremiy

For Calgary-North West

Meet Jenny:

 Jenny Yeremiy for Calgary-North WestJennifer is a Geophysicist with 22 years of experience working in the energy sector including influencing policies and regulations related to clean up of oil and gas sites for the last two years. Jennifer has expressed: "I am frustrated with our current government policies and inactions and do not feel represented. I understand policies must address the needs of all Albertans, regardless of background or position, and I believe government representatives need to be accountable to their constituents." Jennifer has a mix of knowledge, skills, experience and heart to represent our area of Calgary well.

She and her family have also been actively involved in the West Springs-Cougar Ridge Community Association, including the planting of 1500 trees and seedlings, as well as in the Hockey Calgary community. 

To share some of her commitments Jenny has summarized much of the Alberta Party 2023 election platform in this document.

Campaigns are a lot of work, but as a team, we can send Jennifer to the Alberta Legislature. You can help us accomplish this by either hosting a barbeque or coffee party for Jennifer to meet some of your friends or neighbours, joining Jennifer for door knocking, lit drops or making phone calls.

Join our team, and help us win this. 

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If you'd like to help us get Jenny elected MLA for the Calgary-North West constituency, please contact us: 
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