Jeff Walters is a business owner, entrepreneur, community volunteer and mental health advocate. A self-professed working-class guy from a working-class town, Jeff understands the struggles that we all go through to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. 

“I’ve already knocked on more than 5,000 doors in Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview, and I have gained a strong understanding of the issues affecting the residents of the constituency, whether it is jobs, seniors care or housing issues,” he said. “The current reality is that we need a strong voice in the Legislature after the 2019 election to represent the interests of Edmonton Beverly-Clareview.”  

Jeff has spent most of his adult life in the Edmonton area as a business owner.  This included a 10-year run in the sporting goods industry, including time as the owner of a sporting goods store for several years.  The last 12 years have seen Jeff make his way in the real estate business, helping people successfully buy and sell residential properties throughout the Edmonton area.  

Always community-minded- whether volunteering for a charity as a board member or in coaching minor sports with the kids — Jeff’s passion is in service to others. “While my working career has been centered around business ownership, my soul has always been driven by a deep passion to serve people- from all walks of life,” he said. "Repeatedly told by others that I am a very genuine, approachable person who listens well and connects easily, I hope to use those skills as a servant leader if elected MLA.”

An advocate for the mental health movement, Jeff is a believer that a healthy person includes having a healthy mind; and is committed to actively working towards ending the stigmas surrounding the mental health cause in our society. 

Jeff is running to represent Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview because he believes deeply in the importance of serving others.  “I am an idealist that believes that serving in government is not, and should not be about power, but instead is about service—for me the opportunity to serve my fellow human. I have been wired for politics and government since childhood.  This is a passion within me.  It is in my blood to serve and I see serving in government as one of the noblest forms of service,” said the father of two teenage sons. 

Jeff is also running because he wants to help create opportunities for the next generation of Albertans. 

“I have two teenage sons who are on the verge of starting their careers. They are starting their working lives in a place that should be full of hope and opportunity, yet with our economy struggling as it is, I am deeply concerned about the future that our kids will have to endure.”

Lastly, Jeff is hopeful that Alberta’s best days are still ahead of us. He believes that the Alberta Party’s positive and bold vision for the future is exactly what is needed in our province to help kick-start the economy and bring Albertans together, working in common purpose. 

Business Owner/Entrepreneur - Minor Sports Volunteer - Mental Health Advocate