Jackie Clayton's Profile

Jackie Clayton

Jackie has an outstanding track record of being a collaborator and strong voice in her community. She has contributions to make, great ideas to share, and a passion to build inclusive and diverse communities in our province. She prides herself on being a hard-working board member who is accessible and willing to listen. She has extensive governance experience and is a recognised team builder.

Jackie continues her work in a political arena as she was recently re-elected to her second term as City Councillor for the City of Grande Prairie. In her role as Vice President of Public Relations and Partnerships for Pomeroy Lodging, Jackie focuses on establishing, developing and strengthening partnerships within the communities while strategically managing government, media and public relations.

Through her professional career, City Council, as a small business owner, a Chamber of Commerce past-president, a provincially appointed member of the GPRC Board of Governors and working in various volunteer roles; she has been able to grow an organization’s exposure, connect with all levels of government, and build relationships with potential future partners. Jackie has tremendous amounts of experience in providing vision, increasing membership, strategic planning and determining future growth for the party. With over 15 years’ experience on her local Constituency Executive and extensive experience as a Regional Director on the PCAA Board of Directors, she will bring election readiness, campaign management and fundraising experience. She is able to continue to open new lines of communication that will strengthen our Constituency Associations and our party.


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