Jason Avramenko was born and raised in Calgary, with a sprawling family back in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, where farming and big meals defined much of his childhood. His parents moved to Calgary for the opportunities it provided them, but also for the future it would provide for their children. And they were right.

Jason attended Forest Lawn High School and graduated with the scholarships necessary to pursue his passions in literature and history. From that University of Calgary degree, he moved quickly into his Masters of Education. Within only a couple years he was in his own classroom, inspiring a new generation of passionate learners. And he has never stopped.

For 11 years Jason has been teaching young teens to aspire to be not only great writers and thinkers but active citizens in the world being created around them. For the last five years, he has taught at Connect Charter School, engaging youth from every walk of life, and through every form of struggle — academic and otherwise. As a member of his school community he is known as Humanities Teacher, Debate Coach, Badminton Coach, School Emcee, Budget Manager, Policy Adviser, and trusted colleague. But more than his work with our future Albertans, it is his personal life that brought him into politics and activism.

It was not until he was 28 years old that Jason admitted to his family and friends that he was gay. His fear of rejection and ridicule was unfounded, and he quickly found community and support among Calgarians, soon becoming an active member of the Queer Community and its many programs and associations. For 10 years and counting, he actively fights for and supports LGBTQ+ rights and concerns, in all areas of business and social life in the province. And it is through his involvement in the community that he found his husband. 

Jason has been married for five years, joined now with his adopted son, Killian. And more than anything, it is for Killian that he fights for the Alberta Party, a party that demands a future for Albertans with a stable economy that respects environmental mandates with a social conscience.

Jason believes that we all need a sustainable future, for his child and every Albertan. A robust and diverse economy, encouraged by global investment and local expertise. As Albertans, we are a community that needs to support and respect our entrepreneurs, our strong business community, our cultural heritage, and of course, our taxpayers. Jason supports, above all else, a balanced budget, and a plan that sustains a strong Alberta for future Albertans.

And of course, as a Social Studies teacher, he strongly supports the need for debate and conversation, which can be done over coffee or a pint at anyone’s convenience.

Member-Professional Appeals Committee - Teacher - Degrees in Arts and Education