Jasbir is a passionate individual and is dedicated to serving the community. He is an active community volunteer and always concerned about others well-being.

Jasbir settled in Canada in 1984 after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from India. He has lived and served in the North East Calgary from 1984 with his wife and 3 grown children, and currently lives in the Calgary – Falconridge riding.

Jasbir has had the honor of working with the City of Calgary for over 20 years. He is a member of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 583 and involved in both social and political committees.

Jasbir has been actively involved in participating in political parties and advocates his opinion by voicing his citizen’s rights. He has actively participated as a volunteer in union events. He is an energetic and hardworking individual and has leadership qualities to lead his community. Jasbir believes in developing our communities stronger, prosperous and sustainable.

“I want to run for the Alberta Party because I believe in the diversity and the vision of this party. As a landed immigrant myself, I understand the importance of a fair, efficient and supportive immigration system. I understand all and overcome the challenges that a newcomer faces.”

Jasbir has a good vision for the future of the City of Calgary and the province of Alberta - in terms of health care, job opportunities, education, senior support programs.

City of Calgary Transit Operator and a Member of Local ATU 583 - Bachelor of Arts - Senior Financial Advisor