Alberta Needs Options

The Alberta Party supports the construction of the KeystoneXL pipeline. We encourage presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to take the partnership our two nations have seriously, and refrain from playing politics with our shared security and prosperity. But yesterday’s statement from Mr. Biden’s campaign shows that Albertans and Canadians cannot rely on others to create prosperity.

This weekend, the Sturgeon Refinery became fully operational. Ian MacGregor, CEO of North West Refining, shared this message about the long journey to get there. It is an example of what we as Albertans can do.

It also shows what can be achieved when we try made in Alberta solutions. We can add value to our product, and we can create well-paying jobs.

There are other ways to ensure our oil finds international markets, ones that do not rely on those opposed to Alberta and Canada’s economic growth. A railway to Alaska, a pipeline to Churchill, and a revived Energy East (now that the Irving refinery is buying Alberta oil - but moving it via the Panama Canal) all must be pursued to ensure our product has ample avenues for export. But ultimately we need more projects like the Sturgeon refinery, which was only built because of innovative partnerships and funding models between the private sector, the drivers of job creation and growth, and the provincial government, which creates the environment for private industry to thrive.

The Alberta Party