Alberta Internet Plan

Provincial Election Platform Policy

An Alberta Party Government will ensure high-quality, reliable and affordable gigabit level broadband services every community in Alberta within 3 years.

Hanna, AB - Alberta Party Leader outlined how an Alberta Party government would partner with major telecoms providers to bring a combination of fibre-optic & 5G internet to every underserved community in Alberta.

“It is critically important for the economies of Rural Alberta that they have access to the next generation of internet. Fully connecting our rural places to the global community will help ensure long-term economic sustainability. We cannot allow our two-tier society to continue. Advances in health care and industry require that all Albertans have the ability to have affordable and accessible broadband internet. Failing in this objective will only result in marginalizing a large part of our community. We must invest now to ensure that every Albertan has the opportunity to participate in global opportunities tomorrow.” - Alberta Party Leader

Only 12.7% per cent of communities in Alberta have service that meets target speeds set by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission. An Alberta Party Government will commit to ensuring every community in Alberta meets the CRTC target speeds.

An Alberta Party Government will expedite work on the Provincial Broadband Strategy and provide additional funding of $250 million over three years to ensure the completion of this project.