Alberta Party Response to the Alberta Legislative Assembly's "Her Vision Inspires" Essay Contest

Courtney Weiss

February 08, 2022


When you live in a province that is dominated by traditionally male fields of work, it’s sometimes hard to remember that half of the population are women. Women are the backbone of many families, industries, and have shouldered their fair share of the burden throughout the challenges of the last 2 years (more than their fair share, if you ask me).

At a time when women’s livelihoods have been disproportionately affected by a global pandemic, and women’s shelters are under significant pressure, it’s time for real action to support half of Albertans in being safe and getting back to work.

Instead, the Alberta Legislative Assembly has patronizingly offered participating women government “merchandise” in exchange for an essay about the future of Alberta. In a recent (and completely tone-deaf) press release, the Legislative Assembly has announced the “Her Vision Inspires Essay Contest”. This contest endeavours to help young Albertan women discover their “political potential by examining how you could contribute to a better society.” Sounds great – but talk about missing the mark!

The contest is open to women aged 17-25, which are formative years when women are becoming adults, learning who they want to be, and (likely) struggling to make ends meet while either continuing schooling or just beginning their careers. These women need to pay rent. They need to win scholarships for tuition. They need to feel valued for what they bring to the table, and feel safe on our streets and in their homes. They do not need a $500 gift certificate to the Government gift shop.

The Alberta Party believes that all Albertans should be empowered to be the best at whatever they choose to do. We believe in that power of choice coupled with the power of equity. We believe that the women of Alberta are critical to our future prosperity and should be treated with respect by their government. After all, our Party is about bolstering the people, the planet, and the prosperity of ALL Albertans.

The Her Vision Inspires contest is juvenile at best and downright disrespectful at worst. We encourage, and frankly expect, the women of this province to be treated with respect and equity. The Alberta Party would have done so from the start and is working to prove to Albertans that we are a place where women are valued as an integral part of this province’s past, present, and future success.

- Courtney Weiss, Shadow Cabinet Minister for Status of Women

*This post has been corrected to indicate that this contest comes from the Alberta Legislative Assembly.

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