Healthcare Plan

Provincial Election Platform Policy

Barry Morishita deeply believes in public healthcare and frontline services. An Alberta Party government plans to build and modernize hospitals, shorten wait times and provide predictable funding to ensure Albertans get the care they need.

An Alberta Party government will take significant action to modernize and invest in Alberta’s publicly-funded health system, to provide better services to all Albertans.

An Alberta Party government deeply believes in the public health care system and will work with healthcare professionals. We will direct Alberta Health Services to put a plan in place to reduce silos and better integrate emergency rooms, acute, transition, long term and home care.

Building Health Infrastructure

  • An Alberta Party government will complete the:

    • Edmonton South Hospital,

    • Grande Prairie Regional Hospital,

    • Calgary Cancer Centre, and

    • Red Deer Hospital expansion.

  • We will undertake a full review of all existing health infrastructure and put in place a long term plan to address the significant maintenance under-funding and the need for modernization.

  • We will build more non-acute care beds outside hospitals and improve home care options to help recovering patients transition from emergency rooms to appropriate settings.

  • We will build new non-acute care clinics in areas where emergency rooms are used excessively to meet primary care needs.

  • We will expand the use of technology to improve services on routine matters such as prescription refills.

  • We will save $200 million by stopping the NDP’s plan to buy laundry machines for AHS by maintaining more efficient, competitive contracting for these services.

  • We will review the NDP’s unnecessary ‘Superlab’ with the aim to cancel it. This will save $640 million if canceled.

Modernizing Health Research & Implementing Recommendations of the Health Quality Council of Alberta

  • An Alberta Party government will reconstitute the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research (AHFMR).

  • We will expand the mandate and funding of the the Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA) to identify ways to improve patients’ healthcare outcomes.

Predictable Funding & Improving the Focus of Alberta Health Services

  • We will maintain or increase predictable funding to our healthcare system.

  • An Alberta Party Government will direct AHS to put in place a process to develop a plan for the improved integration of emergency care, acute care, transition care, long term care, and home care.

  • An Alberta Party government will work with nurse practitioners, pharmacists, paramedics, and other front-line healthcare providers to expand their scopes of practice to deliver essential health services to all Albertans.

Taking Care of Our Most Vulnerable

  • An Alberta Party government will work closely with the Stollery Children’s Hospital and the Alberta Children’s Hospital to support critical work for Alberta’s children.

  • We will require proof of up-to-date vaccinations for children to attend publicly-funded schools.

  • We will fund annual dental checkups for children up to age 12 and provide funding for municipal water fluoridation.

  • We will support seniors in Alberta by funding long-term care, including 3,500 new long term care and dementia beds under an Alberta Supportive Living Initiative model.

  • We will implement a comprehensive dementia strategy to ensure that patients with dementia and their families and caregivers across Alberta have access to a range of services appropriate for their needs.

  • We will enact a new Alberta Caregiver Tax Credit , and pilot voucher programs to support aging in place for seniors.

  • An Alberta Party government will improve access to addictions and mental health services.