Hazelyn Williams's Profile

Hazelyn Williams
Shadow Minister - Community Housing and Social Services

Hazelyn King-Williams was born in Bartons, St. Catherine, Jamaica. Her mother is Miss. Bernice Burke and Father are Mr. Lloyd King. She is the sixth of eight children to her mother, and first of five to her father. Hazelyn attended the local district primary school and then later transferred to the district high school, where she had to walk for two hours there and back every day. She realizes now this was an act of perseverance and helps her understand that one can achieve anything in life if they have the right motivation and supports.

Hazelyn immigrated to Canada in 1993 after finishing high school in Jamaica. She was 23 years old, and a single mother with a son who was only ten months old at the time. Life in Canada has had its ups and downs, sometimes joyous and occasionally turbulent, but tried, and tested. Importantly, as she concentrated on balancing her life, one constant has kept her going, the value of education and continuous learning. By focusing on education, Hazelyn has been able to make sense of many things and which has then also allowed her to help others. There are many rewards to increased education whether one is looking to improve their work opportunities or simply soothe curiosities and escape the present day. To this end, Hazelyn has always pursued extra courses improving her ongoing learning and obtained many certificates which have allowed her to work and keep food on the

During 2012-2014, Hazelyn pursued a long-time career goal by completing a diploma in Social Work at Norquest College with a multicultural focus. During this time her eyes became wide open to the many injustices that immigrants and people of low socioeconomic status face. During this training, she had to endure additional hardships including having no food. This adversity strengthened her resolve and left her with a passion for advocacy.

Today her work includes many forms of advocacy for those who are unaware of why they are stuck and repressed in areas of their lives including a lack of education opportunities which contributes to poverty.  By working with them, she can support their development and understanding why they must make a change.

Hazelyn’s work experiences spans over 18 years within the Human Services field, including being a business owner, and now a current CSAW Instructor. She sees individuals from all cultures facing the same social problems as she has. For her, this is where she can help them first identify issues, and then how to work on them. Hazelyn believes in the multiplicity of successful human societies and has shown this by helping many individuals succeed on their path. Her passion is to advocate for individuals who are disenfranchised, marginalized, and oppressed sectors in society.


Business Owner - Diploma in Social Work - Community College Instructor
The Alberta Party