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Greg Clark

I am deeply invested in the future of our province for my family, your family and the generations to come. Alberta is the best place in the world to live. To me, the most powerful word is “AND”. I believe our province can continue to lead in our traditional energy industry AND create the high-quality jobs of tomorrow that will drive prosperity for generations to come.

Politics is divisive in Alberta. We need to focus on the issues, not on name calling. Our legislative assembly should be a place where we can respectfully disagree, propose solutions and always put forward ideas that will make our province a better place.

As your MLA, I am proud of my record in proposing solutions. Early on I focused on modernizing the MLA living allowance and pushed to ensure there was no unauthorized shredding of valuable government documents.

I proposed dozens of amendments to government bills, and successfully passed many of them, improving legislation to ensure it serves Albertans, not just the needs of government. I typically voted with the opposition on issues where I feel they the government are not fiscally responsible or have not put appropriate oversight in place. On the other hand, I voted with the government on many issues where I agree with their support of vulnerable Albertans, including protecting women accessing health care with larger buffer zones and students being part of GSAs.

I am fiercely proud of my work helping and supporting countless constituents to ensure they receive the benefits and government services they are entitled to, and the support and advocacy that resulted in provincial grant money to dozens of not-for-profits and social agencies helping people right here in Calgary-Elbow.

And I pushed from the very beginning to ensure that upstream flood mitigation is built to protect river communities and the economic engine of our province in downtown Calgary.

My track record stands for itself. I hope to earn your vote to continue standing up for the people, businesses and not-for-profits in Calgary-Elbow.


Entrepreneur - Current MLA Calgary Elbow - Proud Dad
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