Government of Alberta Enacts Alberta Party Policy

In Rebuilding Alberta the Alberta Party proposed that the Alberta Government identify inactive oil wells and convert them for geothermal energy. We thank the UCP Government for following the Alberta Party's lead on diversify our economy and putting Albertans back to work.

The Alberta Party has a vision for growing and diversifying the Alberta economy, and have proposed innovative solutions. The current government has acknowledged this. While there are differences in the details, the goal is the same.

Jacquie Fenske, Acting Leader:

'The government's new geothermal strategy is a step in the right direction, and we welcome it. The Alberta Party has long advocated using abandoned oil wells for geothermal energy. We thank the government for enacting Alberta Party policy."

The Alberta Party has always been known as a constructive opposition. We welcome the government's enacting of policy advocated for by the Alberta Party.

The Alberta Party