Government should be a first adopter

Alberta Party

April 14, 2021


Importance of vaccine supply highlights the need for fostering innovative companies in Alberta.

The lack of a domestic producer or manufacturer of vaccines in Alberta has proven to be a significant challenge for Albertans. As a result vaccination rates in Alberta are lower than comparable jurisdictions around the world. The fact there was an Alberta-based company ready to develop a Covid-19 vaccine makes that reality particularly galling to Albertans. We are pleased the Alberta government has signed agreements with companies for vaccines that are made in Alberta in an attempt to rectify the supply problem.

This particular issue highlights the role government can play, without undue meddling in the market, in developing Alberta start-ups. The Alberta Party would institute a first-adopter principle in government procurement. This would be particularly important in technology industries. 

Acting Leader Jacquie Fenske,

Alberta’s economic future requires innovative companies competing internationally in new industries. By fostering their growth with a government contract, Alberta would not only help new companies off the ground, but would show other potential customers that it is a viable, strong company able to deliver. 

A first adopter principle is a simple, low-cost way to foster innovation and grow the next Alberta economy.