Glen Tickner is a government professional with Masters degrees in Public Administration from the University of Victoria and Economics from the University of Alberta. For the last thirty years Glen has provided forecasting and analysis for Workers’ Compensation Board-Alberta. His experience covers multiple fields: energy and labour economics, health care, research, and information technology. Glen was a long-time member of WCB’s Research Funding Committee, evaluating and providing support for quality Alberta health and wellness research. Prior to joining WCB-Alberta, Glen developed software applications with a private sector company.  

Glen wants to put Alberta back on the path of building on its strengths – a young, diverse, and entrepreneurial population, and a balance sheet that is the envy of all other provinces. However, over the last three years Alberta’s fiscal situation has deteriorated to the point that the province has the country’s worst deficit to GDP ratio and a period of high unemployment – above the Canadian average – that is the longest in the province’s history. Glen believes that Alberta is at a crossroads: it can lead Canada by developing its energy resources, encouraging investment, and building on its world-class research and technology while ensuring a clean and safe environment for the future. Alternately, Alberta can continue recent trends of increased borrowing, lower credit ratings, and slow decline.

Glen and his wife, a retired teacher who taught at an Edmonton city centre school, raised three children together, and have been residents of Edmonton-Glenora for over thirty years.

Senior Economist - Labour Market Analyst - Masters Public Administration