As a long time homeowner in the community of Devon, I am pleased to be the candidate representing Drayton Valley-Devon.  I grew up in Edmonton and my family comes from the Pigeon Lake area, so my ties to the region are as old as I am.  I have raised a son in the area and volunteered with various organizations and boards over the past several decades. 

I care deeply about our region and can relate to families’ pain of job loss during the past four years as it touched my household too.  I want to help. 

I got involved with provincial politics about 3 years ago as a first-time political party member because the divisive nature of our current political system concerns me deeply.  As an accounting professional, I have business experience and knowledge to contribute to helping Alberta make a course change from the compounding debt we are facing.  I want to ensure that my family and all families in our province have a future where generations stay rather than moving away for opportunities or social issues.

Drayton Valley-Devon has been hit hard but remains an optimistic community and I would be honored to represent the region as a free voting member of the Alberta Party.  I will be committed to ongoing dialogue with the community at large and advocate where ever an opportunity arises for the improvement of our region.

Accounting Professional - Former School Board Executive - Aspiring Novelist