Alberta Party

September 16, 2021


The Alberta Party wants to thank our Health Care Workers and community leaders who are carrying the load during yet another disastrous wave of COVID-19. Every effort must be taken to support them.

The Alberta Party calls on the government to:

  • provide one-time Health Care Worker Personal Expense bonuses to help with personal costs incurred by families;
  • to ensure that Alberta Biz Connect is properly resourced so that answers can be quickly found; 
  • to publicly disclose all data and modelling that was used to inform these decisions

“I’m so thankful for the Health Care Workers who are keeping Albertans alive and the business, non-profit, and institutional leaders who are keeping our communities healthy,” says Alberta Party Leader Barry Morishita. “They are carrying an immense load throughout this pandemic. As we deal with the consequences of the fourth wave, we must do everything possible to support them.”

With hospitals overflowing and tensions mounting, Health Care Workers are facing burnout and long-term fallout. They are in the trenches every day saving lives despite immense personal costs. Because of this, the Alberta Party has grave concerns about how late in the fourth wave today’s announcement came. While so many Albertans did the right things, such as getting vaccinated, this government waited too long to take real action despite rising case numbers. The impact of today’s measures on our healthcare system will not be immediate. Our Health Care Workers will need the consistent support of Albertans in the coming weeks by staying home where possible, and getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

“The consistent delay in introducing smart measures to support our healthcare system is eroding the trust Albertans have in government as an institution”, says Morishita. “What is most important going forward is using data and science - not politics -  to respond rapidly to how quickly the COVID-19 virus impacts our critical healthcare system. Albertans deserve and demand better.” 

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