Film in Alberta Tax Credit

The Alberta Government is enhancing Film and Television Tax Credits. Our party welcomes the enacting of this policy which the Alberta Party proposed and advocated for.

Filming in Alberta is a major component of our economy, provides well-paying employment and brings in untold number of value in free publicity for the province. It also highlights our communities and helps Albertans have pride in where they live.

In Shadow Budgets starting in 2019, the Alberta Party has called for the raising and retooling the cap on the Film and Television Tax Credit. This policy was included in the People, Economy, Jobs- The the Alberta Party's 2021 Shadow Budget. Our plan is to lift the cap from $10M per project to 65 per cent on eligible salaries or 35 per cent on expenses within the province.

Acting Leader Jacquie Fenske,

"We are happy today that the government has followed through with Alberta Party plans to grow this segment of our economy. Film and television will play a key role in growing our economy and empowering Albertans to take control of their economic future. Growing this industry will also set Alberta up for success as it tells its story to Canada and the world."

The film industry in Alberta needs targeted and smart policies to ensure it is competitive against locations around the world. This is a positive step in that direction.

The Alberta Party