Federal announcement a $1.6 billion PR move that makes no sense

Jennifer Metituk

December 18, 2018


December 18, 2018 (Edmonton) – Today’s federal announcement of $1.6 billion in support for Alberta’s energy sector is another example of the feds and province reacting to problems of their own creation.

“Corporate welfare is not a solution. Government’s job is to create the conditions which will allow our entrepreneurs and energy sector to succeed. This announcement does nothing to actually expand market access. It is a $1.6 billion PR move that makes no practical sense,” said Alberta Party leader Stephen Mandel


“Until we have more pipeline access or more railway capacity, this government needs to remove the barriers to market access that they have created with Bill C-48 and Bill C-69. Throwing money at us doesn’t solve the root cause of the problems,” concluded Mandel. 





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