Farmers Day

Before you read this, somewhere in this province a farmer had already put in a few hours work, milking, feeding, seeding, or fixing. Today, we thank those who work hard to feed Albertans and strengthen our communities.

Farmers Day began in 1914 outside Carbon, where a local United Farmers of Alberta chapter began to celebrate good will and cooperation through faith. Farmers exemplify the spirit of Alberta - hard working, entrepreneurial, and community-minded.

Allen Preston, Shadow Minister for Agriculture:

”I’m a fourth-generation Alberta farmer, and I now farm that same land alongside my sons. Before oil and gas farmers were helping to build this province, fighting bad weather, bad markets, and bad policy. The Alberta Party is the only Party that has a plan to take our deep agricultural heritage and build it into a world-leading industry. I am proud to represent the Alberta Party.”

Jacquie Fenske, Acting Leader:

”Farmers feed cities. Cities create a market for our agricultural products. We need all Albertans, rural and urban, to understand the importance of our farmers to our well-being and economic prosperity. Agriculture is key to Alberta’s economic diversification.

As COVID strained our supply chains, people realized just how important farmers are. This year, more than others, we must remember to think about the hard work and hardship farmers undergo to keep us all fed.”

Today the Alberta Party encourages all Albertans to celebrate the contributions farming has made to our province, past, present and future.

The Alberta Party