Far From the Truth

UCP Energy Minister Sonya Savage continues to deceive Albertans. Meanwhile, the UCP caucus is working to keep government actions secretive and shielded from public scrutiny. Alberta’s mountains are for sale and its water is at risk from a government that refuses to be accountable to its people. Last week, Minister Savage said the UCP government would reinstate the Lougheed era 1976 coal policy. She would have Albertans believe their mountains are safe. But this is far from the truth. 

Minister Savage’s decision last week does not overturn exploration programs she authorized. Hundreds of new drill sites and their accompanying roads will be created. And there is still an authorized path to convert this exploration into strip and open-pit mines. The UCP is still selling Alberta’s wilderness to foreign companies and putting our water at risk. This is yet another example of how the UCP says one thing and does another. There is a well-established pattern of deceit coming from this government. 

Today, the Legislature’s Public Accounts Committee met. Members of the Opposition were going to call for Minister Savage and representatives from the Alberta Energy Regulator to appear before Committee to answer questions about coal mining. However, the UCP majority voted to adjourn the meeting before an agenda could even be approved. The UCP Members gave no reason for this adjournment. Not only is the UCP unwilling to give answers. It won’t even listen to calls and arguments for answers. Albertans deserve better. They deserve to have their mountains and water protected. They deserve answers as to how decisions are being made. And they deserve a government that will tell them the truth.

Statement from Alberta Party President Conrad Guay:
“Albertans can see through these autocratic and deceptive tactics. In the last election, Albertans knew that they didn't want the NDP. But what Jason Kenney sold them is vastly different from the UCP government we have today. The UCP’s true colours are becoming more and more apparent. And they aren’t what Albertans voted for.”

Statement from Alberta Party Acting Leader Jacquie Fenske:
“This is just the latest example of the UCP pushing through shortsighted, self-serving policy at the expense of Albertans. Each time Albertans have voiced their concerns, the UCP has misled them. They’ll say they are reversing a policy, while only reversing a small part. And now, they won’t even face questions from the Opposition. This government has no integrity and shuns transparency. And it is hiding while taking actions that will sell our mountains, jeopardize our water, harm our province for generations to come. The Alberta Party is calling on the UCP to do what they said they would and fully reinstate the 1976 coal policy. The Alberta Party is also calling on the UCP caucus to stand up for their constituencies by insisting Cabinet honestly answer questions about its approach to mining in the Eastern Slopes.”

The Alberta Party