Changing the Laws for Partisan Gain

Today Premier Kenney’s UCP Government introduced a bill that would fire the Elections Commissioner, Lorne Gibson, and threaten any ongoing investigation. The Government has invoked time allocation to prevent debate.

Details surrounding Premier Kenney’s UCP leadership race are under investigation by the Elections Commissioner for corrupt practices.

Premier Kenney wants to fire the person investigating his party. The finance minister said he can’t compel the chief electoral officer to continue any current, ongoing investigations.

No one is above the law. This is a foundation of our society. The UCP have forgotten this.

But that is not all.

Bill 22 will allow legacy parties to transfer assets to "successor parties." The UCP are changing the law to allow the their party to take all the leftover money from the Wildrose and PC parties.

Premier Kenney is changing the laws of Alberta in order to enrich his own party.

Albertans deserve better than this. Albertan's deserve a government that welcomes being held to account, because they know it makes them better leaders, and their province a better place. 

The Alberta Party