Enough Drama, Let’s Get to Work for Albertans

Alberta Party

May 18, 2022


With less than a year until the election, Albertans are looking for leaders they can trust to protect their interests and get the job done

Drama from both UCP infighting over the legitimacy of the voting process of the leadership review and surrounding the future of the party depending on whether Premier Kenney retains his position as Leader or not. The NDP has also become distracted by this and is failing to address the needs of Albertans. All of this has unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, detracted from the actual work of government. Albertans deserve a government that works FOR its people and focuses on the job. 

With less than a year until the next election, Albertans are looking for leaders they can trust to protect their interests and get the job done. The Alberta Party is engaging and listening to community members throughout the province, learning from the actions of current and previous governments, and is ready to lead Alberta forward. With a strong focus on transparency, capability, reliability, and humanity, the Party is here to gain the trust of Albertans and show that we are the best option to form government in 2023. Alberta Party members trust Barry Morishita’s leadership and are committed to our shared vision for the province, because they helped shape it.  

Let’s be clear: today is not the end of conflict and drama within the UCP.

The coming months are sure to pit the UCP and NDP further against each other; all the while Albertans will be turning a closer ear to government and deciding for themselves who they can trust to lead. Who can Albertans trust to tackle the labour shortage, the impacts of inflation, and the housing crisis? Who can Albertans trust to finalize and implement the school curriculum, reform our healthcare system, and tackle issues of poverty and climate change? The Alberta Party’s solution-oriented vision that focuses on the best outcomes through collaboration with the people of our province is a vision that Albertans can trust. 

Our trusted Leader, Barry Morishita, has a proven track record of achievement through collaborative leadership with his past experience with the City of Brooks and Alberta Urban Municipalities Association. As our first nominated candidate, he is leading the Alberta Party to be the positive, focused, and solution-oriented party that Albertans expect.  

The past three years have been tumultuous to say the least, and it wasn’t smooth sailing before that. Albertans deserve better. The time is now to stop the drama and get to work. The Alberta Party is ready to lead.  

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