Enact Legislation to Improve Public Consultations

Alberta Party

July 28, 2021


The current UCP Government has two methods of consultation. They either undertake consultations to elicit a particular response, or they use them as a method of damage control, undertaken after releasing disastrous policies. The Alberta Party proposes the Legislature of Alberta pass legislation that would detail transparent processes and methodology of government consultation for legislation, Orders-in-Council, and regulatory changes.

The UCP and the NDP before them, like during the Bill 6 fiasco, have decided that ideology alone determines policy. As a result, any consultations are a tool to forward an objective, and not genuine exercises in listening to Albertans.

As the Alberta Party conducts a series of public engagement forums over the course of summer, called Big Listen 2.0, already one word is coming up continually: respect. It is becoming clear Albertans do not feel respected by their government, and the best way to show respect is by meaningful consultations and listening to their concerns.

For example, this week, Albertans learned that 9-1-1 fees would be increasing not from their government but from their cell phone providers. That is a show of disrespect, and indicates that the government is not listening to concerns about the rapidly-increasing cost of living.

While Justice Minister Madu plans on a series of town halls to discuss rural crime over the coming weeks, recent history suggests they are a cover for a predetermined policy. Acting Leader Fenske plans to attend some of these forums, and will be genuinely listening to Albertans about their concerns over rural crime.

Acting Leader Jacquie Fenske:

“The Alberta Party doesn't think that government is a problem, like the UCP, or that it is the solution to all problems, like the NDP. We believe government is there to empower Albertans to be themselves. And we cannot do that if we do not listen.

“I invite all Albertans to join in on one of our Big Listen 2.0 events. And I invite the current government to take that spirit of listening to heart.”

For more information and to attend a Big Listen 2.0 event, visit https://www.albertaparty.ca/events