Empowering Alberta Farmers

The Alberta Party calls for the carbon credit program for Alberta’s agricultural producers to be continued. This will further empower Alberta producers to tell consumers worldwide the story of Alberta’s environmentally friendly agricultural industry, dedicated to animal welfare and providing produce of the highest quality.

Alberta farmers have been leading the world in sustainable agricultural techniques. They are acting as a carbon sink, leading the field in precision agriculture, and industry-leading protections for animal welfare. Our producers have worked hard to conserve the land that feeds us all. The ending of the provincial carbon offset program will be combined with an increase to the planned federal carbon tax, putting agricultural producers at a disadvantage, and taking away an important tool to empower producers to tell their story.

Last week, the Alberta Party held an agricultural roundtable. Many topics were discussed, but the number one solution was a need to tell our story and show consumers we are an environmentally friendly producer with strong protections for animal welfare and a dedication to the highest quality product. The carbon offset program is a story we can tell the world, about how our farmers are mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and acting as a carbon sink.

Acting Leader, Jacquie Fenske:

“I’ve spent my entire life on and around farms. I know the story our producers can tell. But they need their government to work with them, not against them. Environmentally-friendly policies show the world that our producers are effective conservators, and the carbon-offset is a financial incentive to go above and beyond.”

The government of Alberta should be empowering our producers to tell their story, not taking away financial incentives to be even better stewards of the land. The carbon offset program should be extended by the provincial government.

The Alberta Party