Educational Assistants

Provincial Election Platform Policy

An Alberta Party government will double the number of educational assistants in Alberta’s K- 12 classrooms with a major boost in funding for inclusive education. This means more support in the classroom so every child can have an enhanced learning experience.

An Alberta Party government will increase investments in inclusive education in Alberta’s K-12 education system, including putting twice as many educational assistants in Alberta classrooms.

  • Improvements will include the creation of a new independent learning assessment agency under the Ministry of Early Childhood. The agency would perform comprehensive testing of students who are identified with potential learning challenges. This will help ensure children with challenges are identified as early as possible, so that they can receive assistance as soon as possible.

  • Current annual funding for inclusive education to school boards is approximately $460 million per year. This amount will be increased to $690 million per year.

  • Funding for inclusive education will be earmarked to school boards so that it is only used for inclusive education.

  • A new three month completion timeline will be established to complete an Independent Learning Plan for K-12 student assessment upon a request from a parent/guardian, teacher or principal.

  • An additional funding date of January 15th will be established to provide school boards with additional funding for any students who have arrived from outside Canada after the school year has already begun. This additional funding will recognize the commitment of school boards and educators to helping new Canadians have good learning outcomes.

  • These measures will be in addition to ongoing efforts to reduce class sizes and build more schools.