Membership Campaign 2022


January 24, 2022


Hi all, I hope everyone is doing well.

The Calgary-Edgemont CA board is excited to announce our membership and renewal campaign for the 2022 year.

Your support of the Alberta Party and more specifically the Calgary-Edgemont CA is needed to advance our goal to elect an Alberta Party candidate to represent our constituency in the provincial legislature.  Not only does the current provincial government struggle with an appropriate pandemic response, current and future provincial administration will be asked by Albertans to manage our economy in the face of rising inflation; provide leadership for a multi-term zero-emission strategy for initiatives that mitigate climate change; and deploy an education curriculum that is acceptable to Albertans.  Based on past performance, the Alberta Party knows that the current provincial government is not up to the task to manage our province effectively.  The would-be government in waiting has already proven itself unable in many of these areas as well.

In the forthcoming months, the Calgary-Edgemont board is expected to participate in developing sound policies that will help to guide our Party leadership with the needs and wants from our constituency.  This effort relies on our grass-roots support and the board welcomes any input that you may have at this time.  Please bookmark this website for any future communications regarding our constituency.

The Calgary-Edgemont constituency is also looking to grow our organization from our membership.  The best practices of change management are to get involved, commit to the change, and involve others.  We will be asking our members to volunteer where possible; and to share the Alberta Party's values, policies and messaging with neighbours, friends, family, and co-workers.

For those that have become members, and supported us in the past, we thank you.  Your generous donations and membership renewal is what allows us to continue to push for better leadership.  Every dollar you give allows the Alberta Party to create a new and informed conversation that brings about positive change-making Alberta worthy of a future for our children.

Thank you for caring for the future of our constituency, our province, and for your support during this campaign.

Regards to a better future,
On behalf of the Calgary-Edgemont CA board,

Allen Schultz

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